Decoding The Lies Of Smriti Irani

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There is no denying that the honorable Union Minister of Education Smriti Irani is self made. Her favorite phrase to use is time and time again and she uses alliteration for optics. She looks down at her feet after saying something profound in some semblance of effect and smiles ineffectually at flashing cameras. No stage is intimidating, no man too hard to defeat. Dubbed the most eloquent of ministers, she walks amidst thorns her big, beading eyes glaring at a thin, blue line between spectators adorned in juxtaposed colors. They are all looking up at her in awe. At scorched excuses she throws their way. At the villainous lotus flower that haphazardly rests between her slender fingers.

Jallikattu And The Coke Side of Life

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I don’t know about you, but if I had the ability to travel into future, I would definitely avoid the seven days of warfare between the good and the substantially lesser good. The ending is predictable. They lay in open books. Etched in history. And they bound to repeat themselves. Trust me; you are not missing anything.

An Approach to Dilemma Problems: Wiring Off-Grid Villages in India

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While the protestors outside of a snowy day Wembley Stadium in London, UK, were shouting slogans to show their disappointment of his visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised that in the next 1000 days, he will take on the task of bringing electricity to the 18,000 villages in India which currently aren’t connected to the grid. Debajit Palit of The Hindu later raised concerns over this ambitious project saying, “Is it just electrification of villages or to provide quality and adequate electricity to all households?” In Uttar Pradesh, for instance, three out of four households get electricity for less than 12 hours a day. In Jharkhand, only 2% of electrified households get electricity for 20 or more hours; 81% do not get four or more hours in the evenings, while 60% face three or more days of total blackouts every month. PM Modi seems to have complete faith in the moral obligation that he thinks that he owes to the poor, circumventing the economical costs that India has to suffer in fulfilling his promises. According to ministry of India, a village is electrified, if it meets all of the following requirements:

20 Reasons Why It’s A Struggle To Go Through Teenage In Coimbatore

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Coimbatore is truly an amazing place to be — for those people who only watch it from afar. It’s a place with a lot of cultural diversity and history, and definitely a home for many aspiring talents. But when it comes to spending your teenage here, that’s when all the hell breaks loose. I mean, look at all the hormonal and bodily changes, and especially when you are in the dilemma of whether or not you’re a human being, they give you the toughest hurdle to pass. Sit back and relax, because this post will let the world that you could have lived happier in Mordor than here; but there’s nothing you can do about it.

Meet The Guy Who Quit His Job In LA, And Decided To Go On A World-trip

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An Exclusive Interview With Colin Wright


Colin Wright

He likes to call himself an Authorpreneur — he is an author who thinks with the mindset of an entrepreneur. He is an ardent believer of minimalism; he dresses minimally; he travels minimally; he designs minimally. Colin has been featured in USA Today, The Jeff Probst Show, TEDx and many other major media outlets around the world. His blog, Exile Lifesyle, has more than 150,000 monthly readers. I found him on Instagram, and when I asked him, he readily agreed to sit down for an interview. 

12 Reasons Why Growing Up In Coimbatore Is The Best

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From ‘Manchester of South India’ to ‘Textile Capital,’ Coimbatore had been given a lot of names in the past, but those aren’t the reasons why we love this cute little city to bits. To every guy and girl out there who has had the pleasure of growing up in this small district in Tamil Nadu, the smallest of things about this urban area are what we would gasp until our last breath.

10 Ways To Tell You Studied In KCT


Kumaraguru College of Technology is definitely the place to be, in case you are wondering what to do with your life, and clueless about your career; it deepens your thoughts, puts you on track, and leaves you with a lot of memories to cherish. May be because of this reason, it is very easy to predict a KCTian amidst a crowd – oh, no, you don’t escape either. Here are ten ways to tell, if you once studied in KCT (and you might not like some of them.)